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Terry Turner is running for City Commission, because he is concerned about our future and about the legacy we pass to our children and grandchildren. Our future is at risk from divisive politics, misguided financial policies and degradation of the natural environment.

Terry understands that these concerns are national in scope. However, he believes that action at the local level is an important part of the solution. Significant progress is possible at the local level by restoring the environment, combating climate change, adopting prudent financial policies and encouraging inclusive political discourse.


Over the years, Sarasota’s leaders created a comprehensive city plan to implement their vision for a livable, sustainable Sarasota. It is a vision of vibrant neighborhoods, a walkable downtown with a dense urban tree canopy, and a healthy natural environment. Unfortunately, the current city government has strayed from this vision. It has embraced overdevelopment, traffic congestion, oppressive buildings, and neglect of the environment. Terry Turner believes we must embrace, once again, the vision of a livable, sustainable Sarasota and the better future it will bring.


Terry Turner believes that citizens have the right to be heard and that it is fundamentally wrong for any city commission to ignore or to stifle its citizens. He believes in a city commission that listens to its citizens and that represents the public’s interest rather than private “special interests.” The current city commissioners are not listening, and they routinely make decisions on spending priorities, overdevelopment, traffic congestion and the environment which are not in the public’s best interest. Terry will listen.


Terry Turner believes that city government must be managed much more effectively and that his professional experience qualifies him uniquely to help city government manage and meet tomorrow’s challenges. He has extensive management and financial experience in major corporations, in leading environmental organizations and in Sarasota’s city government. Throughout his career, Terry has found success through listening, learning, building bridges, and by making informed, thoughtful decisions; he believes these attributes will be invaluable on the city commission.

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